brain vs. beater

In the past to work beater one needs to think hard of how to use it, not to work too hard.  Tools, even on the level of technological advancement of beater, were used to help facilitate the work, with one exception – thinking. Not only did not exempted from thinking, indeed, forced into it, because it could cause a lot of hard work, and the goal was not achieved anyway. The more technology is developed, the more thinking was becoming necessary not a sufficient condition. With the advent of thinking machines, many people felt quite exempt from thinking. Today, thinking agents with their artificial intelligence, ever smaller, faster, more accurate and smarter … namely computers, exempt from thinking, what many treat as a nice idea. We start to depend on the comfortable life, and step by step accepting the terror of tools. They template us and our actions, and soon they start to write our lifes into their algorithms too. Moreover a quick access to information means that we begin to doubt also in creativity. We have an idea, click and check to see if someone already came up with something similar and we find that America was discovered long ago. We stop thinking also in this area, we simply imitate. Convenient, true! Who still uses a beater? Perhaps it is worth to start again …

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